Autosurf or Traffic Exchange is a website that offers you a free exchange of visitors in order to generate traffic and increase the audience of your website.

You earn points by using a viewer (then you will navigate registrants websites and exchange these points against the visits.) or purchase credits if you don't want to visit other websites.

Difference between Automatic and Manual ?

What We Offer

‚ÄčAdministrator of notes that several monitors or Reference sites do not promote with the data or statistics but in relation to their personal choice.

We want to be THE reference website, with data and real classification of industry.

About Our Company

The administrator has 10 years of experience in the world of Autosurfs, and two years in the world of Revshares companies.

All the Traffic Exchange or Revshares companies listed here will be trusted websites with trusted owner.

Autosurf or Exchange Traffic ?

An automatic Autosurf will automatically for you even when you are not at your computer or you are not on the page in question.

Unlike a manual or Autosurf you must click a logo or a captcha each visited page.

For Revshares it is generally manual autosurf or you can invest to earn a share of the revenue the site.